Ten Inch Hero is Now Available (but not on Netflix Instant)! You Should Watch It!

April 2017: Ten Inch Hero is no longer streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Yahoo View or Amazon Instant Video and it doesn’t look to be returning any time soon.

TIH can still be found through the film’s official site, Google Play, on Netflix DVD, and wherever DVDs are sold.

I purchased a DVD copy of this film in 2009, direct from the producers, for about $20. Now that it’s available for free, do I regret that purchase? NOT AT ALL! It was because of people who purchased the film, based on its unique premise and a handful of clips on YouTube, that this film didn’t just fade into obscurity never to be seen again. I can’t guarantee you’ll like it, and I will admit that the ending is flawed, but overall it is a wonderful film and one that is worthy of your time. At the very least you’ll be helping to support an indie film and that is what we’re here for, is it not?

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