The Hashtag is king!

One of the easiest, more important and often unappreciated ways of getting not only more views but more relevant views is the hashtag. This is true for tumblr, twitter, youtube, metatags… You may or may not have noticed that on practically every post I include some or all of the following tags: indie, independent, music, books, movie, film. These allow individuals who are interested in the following to find this blog more easily. I generally advocate using any and all relevant hashtags whenever possible. You’ll notice I emphasize the word relevant. I could just as easily add Justin Bieber and Twilight to that list, but I won’t. There is a common misconception that any view is a good view but it’s not if that is not what that person was looking for. They may watch your video, read your post, listen your song but they aren’t going to stick around. It is not in anyone’s best interest to make the internet even more frustrating to navigate.

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