V is for 5: Indie Flicks for Your Valentine’s Fix

Whether you have a date with flowers, chocolate and a candlelit dinner or pizza by the glow of your laptop screen, Valentine’s Day is a great day for movies. Here are 5 films for if you’re short on love or just short on time.

Foolishly Seeking True Love

Written and directed by: Jarrett Lee Conaway

Two ships passing in the night, in a French bar, while a man narrates their lives. Almost like a trailer for a movie that wouldn’t be any good. As a short, it works perfectly.

The Girl on the Wall

Writer/Director/Producer: Gabriel Psaltakis

This short about a bored man and two piece of graffiti in love is charming and comes with a great little message at the end for any man who is looks to charm a girl.

Warning: This is in Greek, and there are subtitles.

It’s a Treat

Written, Edited & Directed by: Luke Mayze

When a speed date is hijacked by an ex with food on the brain, things get more than a little awkward. One for the cynics as it’s more funny than romantic.


Written and directed by: Colby Day

Lauren finds herself homeless following a bad breakup and rents a vacant storefront to live in while she sells off everything that reminds her of him. She’s not looking for love, but that doesn’t mean it won’t find her.


Directed by: Shawn Christensen

In the earth’s final hours, a man confesses to the girl he has always loved. Beautifully shot with some hauntingly surreal slow motion shots. This is not your typical love story.

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