Review: Her Story

I first came across Her Story while covering Indieflix’s Indie Madness in March 2014. Of the 16 films I reviewed that month, this is the one that has stuck with me.

Her Story is one of the most powerfully moving films I have ever seen, it left me nearly speechless. Its power begins in the profound connection between your eyes and those of the nameless victim. In the very first scene, she looks right into the camera, right into your eyes. This breaks down the barrier between your reality and hers. You are in the room with her, watching these things happen to her, and there is nothing you can do about it. You are as powerless as she is and that is a terrifying feeling.

This film will make you think and force you to face reality of the often ignored issue of the modern sex-slavery. I won’t claim this film was a pleasure to watch, it was anything but, however it was well worth viewing. Her Story is not a film that I would recommend to everyone, but I do recommend it. Though it is not an easy film to watch, you’ll probably be glad you did.


Today, there are more slaves than in any other time in human history.

Get the facts about human trafficking and modern day slavery, and learn what’s being done to fight them by visiting The National Human Trafficking Resource Center or Free The Slaves.

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