Don’s Plum Makes An Appearance on Netflix

Continuing our efforts to keep you informed of the latest developments from the #FreeDonsPlum movement, we bring you a unexpected revelation.

Planning to watch Beyond Clueless solely for the glimpses of Don’s Plum? The longest clips are around 57 minutes in.

At this very moment, you can watch ~10 seconds of Don’s Plum on Netflix. Clips from the film were used within the 2014 documentary Beyond Clueless, which analyses the landscape of teen films by mashing together bits from about 200 of them. Not only is Beyond Clueless on Netflix (and iTunes) within the US, it was also shown internationally at film festivals including Austin Texas based SXSW.

How is this particular filmmaker allowed to show even tiny fragments of Don’s Plum within the forbidden zone?

To the best of my understanding, the answer is Fair Use. The documentary is providing a commentary on how these films represent high school. Even though Don’s Plum barely fits within that confine, the filmmakers should be protected by this exception to copyright laws. They should be protected but as we know the law doesn’t always side with the filmmakers. Whatever happens, we hope this glimpse of Don’s Plum won’t be the last time we see it on Netflix.

Haven’t seen Don’s Plum? Read our review or watch the film in its entirety.

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