I’m Going to Give You to the Count of…3 Shorts to Share with Mom

Today is Mother’s Day in the US! Here are 3 short films to put a smile on the face of any mother figure in your life.

All For Mom

Directed by: Ken Horstmann

When Mom throws her back out, her daughters team up to get things done.

Call Your Mom

Film By: Jiayi Wang, Kevin Descardes, Kinni Mehta, & Hollye Westbrook

When was the last time you called your mom?

A Mother’s Love

From Frostbite Films

A child is only small for a little while, but a mother will always be a mother.

If you liked any of the shorts on this list, we hope that you will share them with the Moms in your life by using the share buttons to the left. Thank you.

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