4 Indie Songs from My 4th of July Playlist

I can’t think of a better soundtrack for our nation’s independence day than some great independent music. The following are songs that you aren’t likely to find on anyone else’s 4th of July playlist.

4th of July, Stephen Kellogg (and the Sixers)

There is a Stephen Kellogg song for every occasion. To me, this one was a no-brainer.

Middle of America, Will Hoge

About everyday life in America, this video was filmed in one shot in Gallatin, TN

Scream and Be Free, Hanson

A liberating song about the freedom that comes with being bold and speaking for what you believe.

Now You Are Free, Augustines

This song is all about letting go of the things from your past, and becoming free.

As always, these are just a few songs that I like. We’d love to hear about some of the songs you’re listening to, either in the comments below or through social media.

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