18 Years of Ariescope Halloween Shorts

One thing I look forward to every October is the annual Ariescope Halloween Short. This year’s will be their 18th. Each year, they follow the same rules: one night, no budget, no stress. The finished products are proof that the quality of a film isn’t all about money (though it doesn’t hurt to have a few talented friends).

While we wait for this year’s short to be released, later this month, catch up on all the rest. If you look (and listen) closely, you’ll notice some recurring characters and references to other Ariescope productions.

Columbus Day Weekend (1998)

The short that started it all. Horror icons, Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers, accidentally stalk the same campsite. Horny teens are slashed, true love and companionship are found.

Stagefright (2000)

Based on writer/director, Adam Green’s real life Paruresis (fear of public restrooms).

Oh, Sherrie (2001)

When Craig met Sherrie, it was at love first sight. At least, that’s how Craig saw it.

Stephen’s Room (2002)

One couple learns why you should never blow out your Jack o’ Lantern before midnight.

The Real World Hollywood (2003)

A spoof of the MTV show.

Midnight (2004)

Scott returns from a week-long trip to complains of screams coming from his apartment, but how could that be?

Trick or Treat (2005)

In this sitcom themed short, complete with laugh track, a man repeatly answers to door to same guy who seems way too old for trick-or-treating.

King in the Box (2006)

One Halloween night, The King” from Burger King pays a visit to “Jack” from Jack in the Box.

The Tiffany Problem (2007)

Sam just wants to go trick-or-treating but when his wife gets sick it throws a wrench in his plans.

Fun Fact: I once used this as my example for a paper on Self Perception Theory. It worked surprisingly well.

The Tivo (2008)

A man learns that Tivo really can change your life, just not in the way you intended.

Jack Chop (2009)

Nicolo shows you the newest way to carve a Jack o’ Lantern in this Slap Chop infomercial spoof.

Just Take One (2010)

Two trick-or-treaters bicker over the concept of an “honor bowl”.

Downloading and You (2011)

This spoof of 1950′s cautionary public service films tackles the issue of illegal downloading and its effect on independent cinema.

Driving Lessons (2012)

A completely plausible explanation behind Michael Myer’s sudden ability to drive a car.

Halloween Hugs (2013)

After renting a coffin for their Halloween party, the staff of Ariescope discover that it’s occupied by something strange and terrifyingly adorable.

Happy Halloween (2014)

A Halloween night Skype call doesn’t exactly go as expected.

Monster Problems (2015)

It’s Autumn time, and the livin’ ain’t easy for these monsters.

Which short is your favorite? What do you think this year’s short will be about? Let’s discuss in the comments below.

For additional shorts and more from Ariescope Pictures, visit their website.

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