Trailer Tuesday: Halloween (1978)

For the inaugural Trailer Tuesday of this Blogtober, we bring you the horror classic, Halloween.

Released on October 25, 1978, Halloween was one of the first slasher films. Directed by John Carpenter and staring Jamie Lee Curtis in her first lead role. It spawned seven sequels and a 2007 remake.

A few fun facts about this iconic film:

  • Working titles included: The Babysitter Murders and The Night He Came Home
  • Most of the main cast bought their own wardrobe.
  • Michael’s iconic mask, Star Trek’s Captain Kirk, was purchased for just $1.98 at a local store and spray-painted white.
  • The film was shot in just 22 days on a budget of only $325,000
  • It went on to make $47 million at the box office.

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