5 Homages to John Carpenter’s Halloween

Last Trailer Tuesday, we featured the 1978 classic Halloween from director, John Carpenter. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattering, John Carpenter should be tickled pink that so many filmmakers have made tributes to his film. Though there are many common threads, including a couple of songs now permanently embedded in my brain, each filmmaker has put his or her own slant on Myers and his reign of terror.

Hallowed In from Reely Bored

This short focuses on Myers as he prepares to liven up an otherwise quiet Halloween night in Haddonfield. The entire short was shot in just one night.

Halloween Awakening from Fuzz on the Lens Productions

Meant as a direct sequel to Halloween Resurrection. Halloween Awakening incorporates ideas for each film in the franchise into a fluent cohesive story.

Halloween Season from Blinky Productions Inc.

Michael attempts to recreate his first kill, with an unsuspecting new victim. Shot in 1 1/2 days on a budget of 380 dollars from an indiegogo campaign.

The Haddonfield Memorial Tapes from AD NAUSEAM XI

Part of the feature length documentary style film, “Michael Myers: Absolute Evil”. In this segment, four amateur ghost hunters visit the hospital where Michael murdered eight people while searching for his sister.

Halloween: The Night He Stayed Home from Cycloptyc Films

A spoof on the film with a focus on what Myers might do when he has some time to kill.

For every film on this list, there are probably a dozen more out there. Some we never found, others we chose not to include. If you know of one that we should have included, tell us about it in the comments below.

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