3 Vampire Shorts that Step Outside the Coffin

Do you think that vampires have been done to undeath? These shorts may change your mind, they inject some new blood into the centuries-old legend.

Deliveries Before Dawn from Chris and Ben

Most people don’t know they exist. A night in the secret lives of East London milkmen.

Vampire Gastelbrau from Hannah Ayoubi

Vampire Gastelbrau helps Gerta and Gabi with their chores in order to earn back his vampire fang!

Werner The Vampyre from Chris Boyle

He’s three hundred years old, single, wants to take over the world and is eager to tell you all about it.

These were some of our favorites from the shorts we watched, but there are a lot more out there. If you know of one that we just have to see, let us know about it.

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