5 Non-Horror Indie Games with Halloween DLC

On their own, none of these games scream Halloween. They do, however, have DLC that will have you screaming for more. More missions, skins and soundtracks than you can shake a skeleton leg at.

Vertical Drop Heroes from Nerdook Productions

A role-playing platformer with randomly generated levels. Its free Halloween theme adds new skins for characters and monsters, as well as a Halloween themed soundtrack and decorations throughout the levels.

Visera Cleanup Detail from RuneStorm

With your sidekicks, mop and bucket, you kick grime to the curb. The House of Horrors DLC transports you to a haunted house. There are new challenges and achievements, as well as a new soundtrack.

Dungeon Defenders from Trendy Entertainment

This tower defense RPG has no shortage of DLC. Among them, Halloween Mission Pack and Halloween Costume Pack. The mission pack adds 2 new missions, 8 costumes, 8 accessories, 4 character skins, 1 crystal and 2 achievements. The costume pack adds an additional 4 costumes.

Knights of Pen and Paper from Behold Studios

Inspired by traditional pen and paper RPG of the 90’s, this game lets you play every role including game master. The Haunted Fall DLC adds a new area, 4 multi level dungeons, a new location, a new character class, 16 new monsters, 31 new items, and 5 new NPC.

Bardbarian from TreeFortess

A mixture of tower defense, role-playing and real time strategy, in Bardbarian you play as a bard named Brad. Brad is tired of fighting, so he makes a lute out of an axe and fights enemies with the power of music.

The game’s 2015 Halloween update added an unlockable character and some changes to the look of the game.

Which non-horror game would you like to see Halloween content for? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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