13 Songs for Your Halloween Playlist

Come this time next week, many people will be listening to “The Monster Mash”, “Thriller” or “This is Halloween” for the umpteenth year in a row. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, why not add a few new tracks into the mix?

There are several schools of thoughts for playlist creation. Some choose songs based solely on titles, others on genre or mood. For the following, we went with a few from column A, a few from column B, and maybe a couple from column Z.

This is not meant as a standalone playlist, simply suggestions for adding to your own.

Twilight Creeps – Underneath My Mask

From their self-titled debut on: Amazon, iTunes, Google Play.

Venus de Vilo – I’ve Got 99 Zombies and a Witch ain’t one!

From Handle With Scare Album and Scream-Along Lyrics Book on: Bandcamp.

Caravan of Thieves – Raise The Dead

From The Funhouse on: iTunes, Amazon and their online store.

Tommy SpaSe and the Alchemists – Things That Go Bump In The Night

From Things That Go Bump in the Night on: CD Baby and ReverbNation.

Kim and the Created – Dead to Me

From “Get Go” EP on: Bandcamp.

Soley – Halloween

From Ask The Deep on: Bandcamp, Amazon and iTunes.

Mission Creeps – Monster

From Ghouls Among Us on Bandcamp.

Sea Wolf – Wicked Blood

From White Water, White Bloom on: Bandcamp and Amazon.

The Werewandas – Dig My Grave

From Dig My Grave on: Bandcamp.

Brillig – The Hearse Song

From The Hearse Song (single) on Bandcamp.

Dead Ghosts – Haunted House

From Dead Ghosts s/t on Bandcamp.

VHS Glitch – Halloween Strangers

From Halloween Strangers on: Bandcamp

Squirrel Nut Zippers – Ghost of Stephen Foster

From Perennial Favorites on: Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.

As usual, we had way too many songs and couldn’t include them all. If an essential song on your playlist is not on this list, please let us about it in the comments below or on social media.

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