Review: Argyle Fox by Marie Letourneau

In this picture book from Tanglewood Books, written and illustrated by Marie Letourneau, Argyle Fox just wants to play but the wind keeps ruining his fun. He’s about to give up when Mama Fox tells him that if he thinks long enough, argylefox_cover_high-minhe’ll come up with something. Argyle learns that sometimes you have to fail before you can succeed, but if you just keep trying things usually work out. A wonderful lesson for any child.

With simple and somewhat repetitious text, Argyle Fox is perfect for preschoolers. The illustrations are gorgeous and soft, like cut velvet, with lots of little details for children to point out and discuss. Animals, flowers, and trees in a variety of colors. He meets a kind of forest animals, each in their natural habitat, making it a wonderful learning tool.

Argyle’s activities hearken to a simpler time, when children knew how to use ordinary things like cardboard boxes and strings to have wonderful adventures, and were encouraged to express their creativity.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book to adults who wish to teach children about perseverance, creativity and good old-fashioned fun, and children who still visit the land of make-believe.

Argyle Fox is currently available only in Hardcover from IndieboundAmazon, and Barnes & Noble. For more from Marie Letourneau, visit her website, like her on facebook, or follow her on twitter or instagram.

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