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Online Premiere: Shelter

Premiering today in honor of the 73rd anniversary of Germany’s unconditional surrender bringing World War 2 to an end.

Shelter‘ follows 3 British paratroopers (Jack O’Connell, Michael Smiley, and Ed Stoppard) in search of a hideout after the failed launch of operation Market Garden. They find shelter in a small isolated house, inhabited by two women but when two other visitors arrive their hiding place quickly becomes a death trap.

Directed By: Patrick Gather and Markus Meedt
Written By: Ryan Baxter
Produced By: Katharine Evans

Cinematography By: Sam Care
Production Design By: Simon Marsay
Make Up By: Lisa Zipper
Assistant Director: Greer McNally
Production Manager: Oliver Crawford

Edited By: Emanuele Giraldo
Music By: Alex Baranowski
Sound Design by: Sound24
SFX By: Richard Hulme
VFX By: Ximon Gray
Casting By: Olivia Scott-Webb
Stunts By: Tom Cheshire and Dominic Kinnaird

Watch the full film at

or wait for our review coming next week!

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