Family-Friendly Friday: Fall Activities Edition

As much as I love Summer (and in the UK we were very lucky to get a heatwave), I can’t wait for Fall to start. The evenings getting darker, the leaves on the trees turning beautiful colours and of course, Halloween and Bonfire Night. I think that Fall has a magical place in all our hearts, there’s plenty of cosy cuddles in doors as well as exploring outside with new textures and materials to find.

Here’s some of our favourite Fall books to enjoy:

We're going on a leaf huntWe’re Going on a Leaf Hunt! – Steve Metzger

Join three friends on a fun leaf-finding adventure! This bouncy new version of the popular song begs to be read out loud.

This book is a twist on the classic β€˜We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and has plenty of Autumnal features. From climbing up a mountain to finding leaves of different types and colours, plus a fun ending which is less scary than the original! The book features lots of rhyme and plenty of sounds to try out.

Available on Amazon (UK)


The Very Helpful HedgehogThe Very Helpful Hedgehog – Rosie Wellesley

Isaac is a hedgehog who has only ever been alone – and that is the way he likes it.

This is a lovely gentle story about friendship and helping others, and that being on your own isn’t always the most fun option. It’s a really engaging book without the message being too obvious or cliched. Plus it’s nice to have some different animals featured, in the shape of the hedgehog and donkey who are the main characters.

Available on Amazon (UK)


Image result for Let It Fall - Maryann Cocca LefflerLet It Fall – Maryann Cocca Leffler

Gentle rhyming text and vibrant images of seasonal outdoor scenes combine in a tribute to the autumn season that features young children playing in colorful leaf piles, apple picking and enjoying a hayride at the country fair.

Let it Fall is another really engaging book with lovely illustrations that really conjure up the spirit of the Fall season. It was enjoyable to discuss the activities which featured in the book with my children, including picking apples and playing in piles of leaves. My daughter loves it when we can replicate something which we have seen in a book in real life, and this book is perfect for that!

Available on Amazon (UK)


Image result for Delicious! - Helen CooperDelicious! – Helen Cooper

Poor Duck gets hungrier and hungrier and grumpier and grumpier, until at last Cat comes up with a soup that might just be . . . delicious!

I was really interested to read this book, as it’s quite rare to find a book featuring pumpkins that isn’t Halloween or pumpkin pie oriented! Instead, the story features three animal friends who make pumpkin soup every day, until one day there are no pumpkins around. They try out different flavours of soups but Duck is not happy! This was another book which prompted lots of conversation as my kids are big soup fans! I think we’ll be trying pumpkin soup very soon….

Available on Amazon (UK)


61vofygCGCL._SX448_BO1,204,203,200_I Am the Seed That Grew the Tree: A Nature Poem for Every Day of the Year – Fiona Waters

This is actually an anthology of poems and features one for every day of the year. You can move through seasons with some that will be familiar as well as some new ones to discover. I’m not very well versed in poetry, so a lot of the poems in the book were new to me, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it!

This is a lovely book that will be part of family life for many years to come. There’s no way that you could ever get bored reading this with your children, there’s always something new to find!

Available on Amazon (UK)


51nDDzElIAL._SX496_BO1,204,203,200_1, 2, 3 A Walk in the Countryside – Rosalind Beardshaw

This book has been published in conjunction with the National Trust in the UK, which immediately gave me confidence that we would enjoy it. It’s a lovely gentle book that was great for both of my children to enjoy. It’s simple enough for early readers and features illustrations that are very engaging. It is a board book so may not be relevant for many years, but we have certainly enjoyed it this Fall.

Available on Amazon (UK)


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