Short Film Sunday: Portraits

Portraits is a short film anthology told in vignettes of five women, each embodying a part of ourselves we're not proud of. All of them remarkable relatable. They explore the concept of 'curated selves', the versions we show to the world versus who we really are. You'd expect to connect to one secret, not them… Continue reading Short Film Sunday: Portraits


Music Monday: Glass Hamlet – Not Your Space

Today, we're testing out an idea for a brand new recurring feature with a video I have grown quite fond of. Between last fall and this summer, I helped to coordinate a collaborative animated video for a track from rapper, Glass Hamlet's 2017 EP, #NOTYOURART. Our animation team ultimately included 28 artists from 13 countries… Continue reading Music Monday: Glass Hamlet – Not Your Space


Online Premiere: Alone

In this new short from Indywood Studios, a man wakes up lost in a wasteland. He tries to call for help but the voice on the other end is offering anything but. 'Alone' seeks to raise awareness for the importance of caring for one's mental health. Writer/Director, Antony Lane hopes that leaving the film… Continue reading Online Premiere: Alone


Interview: Antony “Crazy” D. Lane

If you’re new around here, you may not recognize the name Antony Lane but he has a long history with Stick With The Indies. He gave us our name and was our first interviewee exactly seven years ago today. As he enters the final stretch of an 11-year journey to bring his debut feature to… Continue reading Interview: Antony “Crazy” D. Lane


Review: Shelter

Shelter, directed by Patrick Gather and Markus Meedt, is a dramatic short set in the Netherlands near the end of World War 2. Its plot centers on three British paratroopers, Private Charlie Miller (Jack O'Connell), Lance Corporal Frank Ainsworth (Michael Smiley), and Corporal Arthur Boleyn (Ed Stoppard), survivors of the failed Operation Market Garden who find… Continue reading Review: Shelter

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Online Premiere: Shelter

Premiering today in honor of the 73rd anniversary of Germany's unconditional surrender bringing World War 2 to an end. 'Shelter' follows 3 British paratroopers (Jack O'Connell, Michael Smiley, and Ed Stoppard) in search of a hideout after the failed launch of operation Market Garden. They find shelter in a small isolated house, inhabited by two… Continue reading Online Premiere: Shelter