Music Monday: Glass Hamlet – “Somebody Else”

  by Chelsea Moore Cinematography by Elizaveta Luzina Sound by Ilya Sonet Film produced by Renee Moody The theme of this song evoked a familiar feeling for me, which from the last songĀ  I posted about ("Not Your Space") seems to be a recurring theme for this artist, pointing out the experiences and insecurities… Continue reading Music Monday: Glass Hamlet – “Somebody Else”


A Guide to Indie Bookstores in London

by Olivia Gacka As a book blogger and Londoner, I spend many an hour hiking around the city visiting bookstores, admiring their shelves and forgetting real life even exists. When picking the store of choice for endless browsing, the ability to get lost in thought is essential and this often comes down to the interior… Continue reading A Guide to Indie Bookstores in London