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Happy Halloween!

Today is the last day of Blogtober/Blogoween. While we're sad to see it end, we are looking forward to taking just a few days off before settling into a somewhat more relaxed schedule for the coming months. A huge thank you to each and every person who has liked, followed, commented, or shared a post. The… Continue reading Happy Halloween!

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Family-Friendly Friday: Trick or Treat Edition

Just 2 more days until you put on your costumes and go door to door filling your pails with candies. Here are some books and games to tide you over and some songs to sing along the way. The Scare: A Halloween Story by Kirstin Lenane Simon loves everything about Halloween: the candy, the costumes…… Continue reading Family-Friendly Friday: Trick or Treat Edition


10 Free Games to Play on Halloween Night

You've spent your entire Halloween budget on decorations, costumes and candy. Now, you want a new game to plan on Halloween night. What are you going to do? Every one of these games is completely free: no micro-transactions or "pro" versions in sight. You won't even need a Steam account. Babysitter Bloodbath: Windows, Mac… Continue reading 10 Free Games to Play on Halloween Night

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Family-Friendly Friday: Ghost Edition

This week's Family-Friendly Friday theme is Ghosts. They may make things go bump in the night, but with these ghosts you aren't in for a fright. Ghosties: A Silly Rhyming Spooky Picture Book for Kids by Gerald Hawksley Halloween is in the air. You'd like to see a ghost - but where? At night when… Continue reading Family-Friendly Friday: Ghost Edition


5 Non-Horror Indie Games with Halloween DLC

On their own, none of these games scream Halloween. They do, however, have DLC that will have you screaming for more. More missions, skins and soundtracks than you can shake a skeleton leg at. Vertical Drop Heroes from Nerdook Productions A role-playing platformer with randomly generated levels. Its free Halloween theme adds new skins for characters and… Continue reading 5 Non-Horror Indie Games with Halloween DLC

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Family-Friendly Friday: Monster Edition

This week's Family Friendly Friday is about monsters. Slimy, grimy, stinky and hairy, spooky and ooky but not too scary. Monster Needs a Costume by Paul Czajak and Wendy Grieb It’s almost Halloween, and Monster needs to decide what he’s going to be. With so many options — a fireman, a ballerina, a cowboy, a… Continue reading Family-Friendly Friday: Monster Edition