Trailer Tuesday: The Recursion Theorem

In this sci-fi film noir short from Cubit Films, a man wakes up in an unfamiliar room with no idea who he is or what's going on. While searching for a way out, he is forced to question what he knows about reality in this space that doesn't play by the rules. You can… Continue reading Trailer Tuesday: The Recursion Theorem


Review: Gentlemen’s Fury

Dark comedy, Gentlemen’s Fury is one part tennis movie, one part Fight Club and all parts boring. It is the story of tennis player Aaron Faust, played by Ben Sharples (also the film's writer), whose life seems to be crumbling after an outburst at a tennis match. As he comes to terms with being thrown… Continue reading Review: Gentlemen’s Fury


Trailer Tuesday: She Has a Name

This dramatic thriller from Unveil Studios and Benetone Films seeks to shed light on the global sex trade. An abandoned water truck is found in the Thai countryside containing more than 100 trafficked women and girls; 50 died while others disappeared. Jason, a lawyer, is investigating The Pearl, a club for sex tourists. Posing as a john,… Continue reading Trailer Tuesday: She Has a Name

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Family-Friendly Friday: Bunny Edition

These kid-friendly bunny books, short films and games prove bunnies aren't just for Easter Books: Tyrabbisaurus Rex by A.J. Culey (Author), Jeanine Henning (Illustrator) Tyrabbisaurus Rex doesn't appreciate being locked in a cage. Sure it has three levels and is full of scrumptious veggies, but that doesn't mean he's willing to accept his fate as a… Continue reading Family-Friendly Friday: Bunny Edition


Trailer Tuesday: Something Like Summer

From Blue Seraph Productions, Something Like Summer is an adaptation of the young adult novel by Jay Bell. Ben is the only openly gay student at his Texas high school. He has a crush on Tim, the popular athlete with a prom queen girlfriend. After an accident brings them together, Ben and Tim begin a… Continue reading Trailer Tuesday: Something Like Summer