Review: The Room

Often hailed as one of the worst movies ever made, The Room seems like an exercise to show how NOT to make an independent film failing to meet the most basic standards of what makes a movie good. Despite plentiful shortcomings, The Room is far from unwatchable. It's actually enjoyable from an ironic point of… Continue reading Review: The Room


Trailer Tuesday: Monkeys in the Garden

Monkeys in the Garden is a short film by Ireland based production company, Je Suis Le Cat. Written and directed by Marie Clare Cushinan, it has been an official selection at Galway Film Fleadh, Richard Harris International Film Festival, and this past weekend's Waterford Film Festival. For more from Je Suis Le Cat: check… Continue reading Trailer Tuesday: Monkeys in the Garden


4 Indie Horror Games To Die For This Halloween

It's that time of the year once again, leaves are changing colors, it's getting colder outside and Halloween is almost upon us and that means it's time for horror games. ¬†A staple genre, horror games earned their place in video game history with some AAA heavy hitters ranging from Alone in the Dark to Resident… Continue reading 4 Indie Horror Games To Die For This Halloween


Trailer Tuesday: Nina’s Melody

This short, from UK-based InTune Media. Set in pre-revolution Russia, the film centers around composer, Konstantin Eiges. One night, Konstantin is at a social event when he hears a melody he wrote being played in the next room. He is reminded of happier times when his muse, Nina, was still with him. This film was… Continue reading Trailer Tuesday: Nina’s Melody


Review: The Survivor

Set in a post-apocalyptic world where the air we breathe is toxic and fresh air is now a precious resource, The Survivor, a short film directed by Christopher Carson Emmons, is surprisingly well done and quite enjoyable. The short follows a young boy named Billy as he travels across the wasteland with his toy robot¬†companion… Continue reading Review: The Survivor


Trailer Tuesday: The Recursion Theorem

In this sci-fi film noir short from Cubit Films, a man wakes up in an unfamiliar room with no idea who he is or what's going on. While searching for a way out, he is forced to question what he knows about reality in this space that doesn't play by the rules. You can… Continue reading Trailer Tuesday: The Recursion Theorem