13 Songs for Your Halloween Playlist

Come this time next week, many people will be listening to "The Monster Mash", "Thriller" or "This is Halloween" for the umpteenth year in a row. While there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, why not add a few new tracks into the mix? There are several schools of thoughts for playlist creation. Some choose songs based solely… Continue reading 13 Songs for Your Halloween Playlist


Attention Span: Creep

Creep was produced specifically for online release with a simplicity as its goal. It succeeded. Tells a complex tale with the barest of resources. One actor, one setting, one scene and not a single line of dialogue. Every bit of tension is produced by pace and sound cues. Displays more emotion in 2 minutes than… Continue reading Attention Span: Creep


5 Haunted House Shorts

All old houses retain things from their previous owners - dusty furniture, cracked light fixtures, peeling wallpaper-but do some contain trapped souls? As rational people, we know that ghosts shouldn't exist. Still, ghost stories and haunted houses remain has popular as ever. Each of these shorts puts its own twist on the haunted house genre.… Continue reading 5 Haunted House Shorts

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Family-Friendly Friday: Ghost Edition

This week's Family-Friendly Friday theme is Ghosts. They may make things go bump in the night, but with these ghosts you aren't in for a fright. Ghosties: A Silly Rhyming Spooky Picture Book for Kids by Gerald Hawksley Halloween is in the air. You'd like to see a ghost - but where? At night when… Continue reading Family-Friendly Friday: Ghost Edition


5 Non-Horror Indie Games with Halloween DLC

On their own, none of these games scream Halloween. They do, however, have DLC that will have you screaming for more. More missions, skins and soundtracks than you can shake a skeleton leg at. Vertical Drop Heroes from Nerdook Productions A role-playing platformer with randomly generated levels. Its free Halloween theme adds new skins for characters and… Continue reading 5 Non-Horror Indie Games with Halloween DLC