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Online Premiere: Shelter

Premiering today in honor of the 73rd anniversary of Germany's unconditional surrender bringing World War 2 to an end. 'Shelter' follows 3 British paratroopers (Jack O'Connell, Michael Smiley, and Ed Stoppard) in search of a hideout after the failed launch of operation Market Garden. They find shelter in a small isolated house, inhabited by two… Continue reading Online Premiere: Shelter


Review: The Guard

In this short from Sweven Films, security guard, and father-to-be, Denny is plagued by hallucinations¬†of violence toward his wife and unborn son. The film opens with a visceral punch to the gut and that intensity never truly lets up. Are these visions the result of his fears or premonitions? Is his sleep deprivation cause or… Continue reading Review: The Guard


Trailer Tuesday: Halloween (1978)

For the inaugural Trailer Tuesday of this Blogtober, we bring you the horror classic, Halloween. Released on October 25, 1978, Halloween was one of the first slasher films. Directed by John Carpenter and staring Jamie Lee Curtis in her first lead role. It spawned seven sequels and a 2007 remake. A few fun facts… Continue reading Trailer Tuesday: Halloween (1978)