Attention Span: Inner Demon

Late night, a laundromat, and a man with a secret about to burst. Inner Demon’s polished cover art promised a prize inside but like any Cracker Jack box in the last few decades held only disappointment. More prologue than a full fledged story. Just a glimpse at Stan and his struggle before it’s over. If… Continue reading Attention Span: Inner Demon


Don’s Plum Makes An Appearance on Netflix

Continuing our efforts to keep you informed of the latest developments from the #FreeDonsPlum movement, we bring you a unexpected revelation. At this very moment, you can watch ~10 seconds of Don's Plum on Netflix. Clips from the film were used within the 2014 documentary Beyond Clueless, which analyses the landscape of teen films by mashing together bits from… Continue reading Don’s Plum Makes An Appearance on Netflix


Review: Her Story

I first came across Her Story while covering Indieflix's Indie Madness in March 2014. Of the 16 films I reviewed that month, this is the one that has stuck with me. Her Story is one of the most powerfully moving films I have ever seen, it left me nearly speechless. Its power begins in the profound connection between… Continue reading Review: Her Story


Celebrating Film Pioneer, Oscar Micheaux

In honor of Black History Month, we celebrate Oscar Micheaux and his film, Within Our Gates. The oldest surviving film made by an African American, Within Our Gates was written, produced and directed by Micheaux. This film was released in 1920 in a storm of controversy. Due to the danger they would face by screening this film,… Continue reading Celebrating Film Pioneer, Oscar Micheaux


V is for 5: Indie Flicks for Your Valentine’s Fix

Whether you have a date with flowers, chocolate and a candlelit dinner or pizza by the glow of your laptop screen, Valentine’s Day is a great day for movies. Here are 5 films for if you’re short on love or just short on time. Foolishly Seeking True Love Written and directed by: Jarrett Lee Conaway Two… Continue reading V is for 5: Indie Flicks for Your Valentine’s Fix


Review: Lazer Team

Lazer Team has taken theaters and the internet by storm over the past two weeks. Funded in part through a record-breaking $2.4 million indiegogo campaign in July 2014. This is the first feature film from Austin-based Rooster Teeth Productions (RT), best known for its long-running webseries, Red Vs. Blue. As a big fan of anything RT,… Continue reading Review: Lazer Team