Review: Don’s Plum

Don's Plum is a diner/bar is where four friends meet with their dates for the evening. They talk about everything, anything, and ultimately a whole lot of nothing. I vaguely recall hearing of this film in the late 90s, when it was reported to be so terrible that it had been banned. At the time, I believed… Continue reading Review: Don’s Plum


Attention Span: Focus This short, directed by Ari Kruger, was a finalist at Tropfest Australia 2011. Focus has an interesting premise, it's pretty, and sounds nice. All of the elements for a great little short. Unfortunately, something about the combination of soft instrumental score, voice-over, and subtly slowed black and white footage feels exactly like an ad for expensive perfume or… Continue reading Attention Span: Focus


See the Film Dicaprio and Maguire Have Been Hiding for 2 Decades!

Producer, Dale Wheatley uploaded a little 2-decade-old indie film to the video sharing site, Vimeo in hopes of finally sharing it with the world. Just one month later, it was removed following a copyright claim. But that's not stopping Wheatley from sharing it with film fans everywhere. The film in question, Don's Plum, was shot over the course… Continue reading See the Film Dicaprio and Maguire Have Been Hiding for 2 Decades!


10 Facts about Sundance

As the Sundance Film Festival kicks off its 32nd year, we bring you 10 facts about Sundance. The first Utah/U.S. Film Festival took place in August 1978 in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 1985, Sundance Institute took control of the U.S. Film Festival. They expanded the festival to 10 days and shifted focus to American independent… Continue reading 10 Facts about Sundance


We Want to Put You in the Spotlight!

It's your interview your way. You choose the questions, the format, and the perfect timing. Simply send us what you want to include, and we'll add the finishing touches. The format is incredibly flexible; a Spotlight can be: video, audio, text, photos, any combination, or almost anything else you can think of. All we ask is… Continue reading We Want to Put You in the Spotlight!


Crowdfunding Campaign Comes Down to the Wire

Jan 19 edit: SUCCESS! This campaign raised 123% of its initial goal and has become eligible for indiegogo's InDemand service, which means the donations don't have to stop yet. The more they make, the more they have for both festivals and charities.   Down and Out's campaign is just over £1100 ($1500) from its goal with less than… Continue reading Crowdfunding Campaign Comes Down to the Wire