Attention Span: Brandy Chester

Brandy Chester can't sleep, there's a scratching coming from under her bed. Her parents won't check, she's too old to be afraid of the dark. Maybe it's just a mouse, but what if it is a monster? Immersive, you can almost feel the wall against your back, the cold wood floor under your feet. Hear… Continue reading Attention Span: Brandy Chester


Attention Span: Empty Glass

The shortest of stories about all that an empty glass can hold. A taut piece of flash fiction at just 2 pages. Only two words too many by my count. They would have increased its impact and extended its memory exponentially. Much more could have been done with this plot. Still, I can't help but recommend… Continue reading Attention Span: Empty Glass


Review: Darkshines Seven by Russell Mardell

Please note: This book is a sequel to Mardell's previous book, Bleeker Hill. If you have not yet read Bleeker Hill, our review of that book is here. Stop, read that, read the book and come back once you have. We will not be held responsible for any spoilers. You have been warned! For the… Continue reading Review: Darkshines Seven by Russell Mardell


We Want to Put You in the Spotlight!

It's your interview your way. You choose the questions, the format, and the perfect timing. Simply send us what you want to include, and we'll add the finishing touches. The format is incredibly flexible; a Spotlight can be: video, audio, text, photos, any combination, or almost anything else you can think of. All we ask is… Continue reading We Want to Put You in the Spotlight!


Review- Russell Mardell’s Silent Bombs Falling On Green Grass

I met Russell Mardell through our good friend, Antony Lane. AD tweeted about this friend of his who was going to be giving away copies of a new book to 5 of the people who tweeted a link to its Amazon page. Usually I wouldn’t bother with something like that but, for AD, I took… Continue reading Review- Russell Mardell’s Silent Bombs Falling On Green Grass