Music Monday: Glass Hamlet – “Somebody Else”

  by Chelsea Moore Cinematography by Elizaveta Luzina Sound by Ilya Sonet Film produced by Renee Moody The theme of this song evoked a familiar feeling for me, which from the last song  I posted about ("Not Your Space") seems to be a recurring theme for this artist, pointing out the experiences and insecurities… Continue reading Music Monday: Glass Hamlet – “Somebody Else”


Music Monday: Glass Hamlet – Not Your Space

Today, we're testing out an idea for a brand new recurring feature with a video I have grown quite fond of. Between last fall and this summer, I helped to coordinate a collaborative animated video for a track from rapper, Glass Hamlet's 2017 EP, #NOTYOURART. Our animation team ultimately included 28 artists from 13 countries… Continue reading Music Monday: Glass Hamlet – Not Your Space

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Family-Friendly Friday: Thanksgiving Edition

Turkeys, Pilgrims, Family, and pie. All the best for little guys (and gals). Next Thursday will be Thanksgiving in the U.S., a time to spend with friends and family celebrating what we are thankful for this year and eating lots of yummy food. Here are some books to read, songs to sing and even a… Continue reading Family-Friendly Friday: Thanksgiving Edition

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Happy Halloween!

Today is the last day of Blogtober/Blogoween. While we're sad to see it end, we are looking forward to taking just a few days off before settling into a somewhat more relaxed schedule for the coming months. A huge thank you to each and every person who has liked, followed, commented, or shared a post. The… Continue reading Happy Halloween!

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Family-Friendly Friday: Trick or Treat Edition

Just 2 more days until you put on your costumes and go door to door filling your pails with candies. Here are some books and games to tide you over and some songs to sing along the way. The Scare: A Halloween Story by Kirstin Lenane Simon loves everything about Halloween: the candy, the costumes…… Continue reading Family-Friendly Friday: Trick or Treat Edition