Twitter 101 for bands – 5 tips to get you started

This is from a blog for musicians but the tips will work for anyone really. I will add one piece of advice, if you already have a personal account and are starting one for your project: Get an app or browser add-on that will allow you to switch back and forth between accounts without having… Continue reading Twitter 101 for bands – 5 tips to get you started


The Hashtag is king!

One of the easiest, more important and often unappreciated ways of getting not only more views but more relevant views is the hashtag. This is true for tumblr, twitter, youtube, metatags… You may or may not have noticed that on practically every post I include some or all of the following tags: indie, independent, music,… Continue reading The Hashtag is king!


Review: Spiral, 2008

For years, I planned to go to film school. While working on coming up with the money, I watched a lot of films in the interest of research. For about 6 months of that time, I reviewed films. They were all done on a strictly volunteer basis as time allowed (each review took up to… Continue reading Review: Spiral, 2008