Music Monday: Glass Hamlet – “Somebody Else”

  by Chelsea Moore Cinematography by Elizaveta Luzina Sound by Ilya Sonet Film produced by Renee Moody The theme of this song evoked a familiar feeling for me, which from the last songĀ  I posted about ("Not Your Space") seems to be a recurring theme for this artist, pointing out the experiences and insecurities… Continue reading Music Monday: Glass Hamlet – “Somebody Else”


Review: Wake

Spurred by the death of a once close friend, Michelle (Liz Noth) has returned to her suburban hometown for the first time in years. She can't bring herself to attend the reception, for fear of being confronted by her friend's mother, opting instead for a classmate's after-party. The party functions as an off-kilter high school… Continue reading Review: Wake