Review: Darkshines Seven by Russell Mardell

Please note: This book is a sequel to Mardell's previous book, Bleeker Hill. If you have not yet read Bleeker Hill, our review of that book is here. Stop, read that, read the book and come back once you have. We will not be held responsible for any spoilers. You have been warned! For the… Continue reading Review: Darkshines Seven by Russell Mardell


Review: Russell Mardell’s Bleeker Hill

Bleeker Hill begins where Mardell’s last book, Stone Bleeding, left off, in a country torn apart. Though they exist within the same universe, Bleeker Hill doesn’t feel much like a sequel, it doesn’t require any knowledge of prior events and centers on a completely new group of people. A man named Sullivan has been released… Continue reading Review: Russell Mardell’s Bleeker Hill


First year wrap-up

The holidays are upon us and as we conclude our first year, here is a look back at everyone we’ve interviewed/reviewed/re-blogged/mentioned since we started in May-with links to purchase/download, if you are so inclined: Film- IndywoodFILMS: Antony Lane was the inspiration for our name and our first interviewee. He has been fundraising (on twitter) for… Continue reading First year wrap-up


Review- Russell Mardell’s Silent Bombs Falling On Green Grass

I met Russell Mardell through our good friend, Antony Lane. AD tweeted about this friend of his who was going to be giving away copies of a new book to 5 of the people who tweeted a link to its Amazon page. Usually I wouldn’t bother with something like that but, for AD, I took… Continue reading Review- Russell Mardell’s Silent Bombs Falling On Green Grass