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Family-Friendly Friday: Snowpeople Edition

Have a snow day any day with these books and short films featuring snowpeople! Books The Fox & the Snowman by Angela Muse (Author),‎ Helen Wu (Illustrator) This is a story of a lone fox and his journey through a year of changing seasons. He discovers friendship and family in this colorful winter tale. Available… Continue reading Family-Friendly Friday: Snowpeople Edition


7 Trick-or-Treating Shorts

Trick-or-Treating is all in good fun as long as everyone plays nice and follows the rules. In these shorts, nothing really goes as planned. The Paper Mask from Rhidian Art and Animation The best Halloween costumes are handmade but don't judge them, you might regret it. The Last Halloween from Marc Roussel This is… Continue reading 7 Trick-or-Treating Shorts


5 Haunted House Shorts

All old houses retain things from their previous owners - dusty furniture, cracked light fixtures, peeling wallpaper-but do some contain trapped souls? As rational people, we know that ghosts shouldn't exist. Still, ghost stories and haunted houses remain has popular as ever. Each of these shorts puts its own twist on the haunted house genre.… Continue reading 5 Haunted House Shorts


3 Vampire Shorts that Step Outside the Coffin

Do you think that vampires have been done to undeath? These shorts may change your mind, they inject some new blood into the centuries-old legend. Deliveries Before Dawn from Chris and Ben Most people don't know they exist. A night in the secret lives of East London milkmen. Vampire Gastelbrau from Hannah Ayoubi Vampire… Continue reading 3 Vampire Shorts that Step Outside the Coffin


5 Homages to John Carpenter’s Halloween

Last Trailer Tuesday, we featured the 1978 classic Halloween from director, John Carpenter. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattering, John Carpenter should be tickled pink that so many filmmakers have made tributes to his film. Though there are many common threads, including a couple of songs now permanently embedded in my brain, each filmmaker has… Continue reading 5 Homages to John Carpenter’s Halloween