Attention Span: Playing Dead by S. E. Casey

Harry makes a momentary stop at the decrepit circus that has materialized in a field overnight. A labyrinth of circus tents like Dante's nine circles descends into madness. Sprinkled with commerce and corruption. A room of indecision, perpetually incomplete. Verbiage, exquisite and visceral; more eerie than terrifying. Starting out, it appeared needlessly wordy and rife… Continue reading Attention Span: Playing Dead by S. E. Casey


Attention Span: Play House

The film portion of SXSW going on right now in Austin, TX, this week's Attention Span looks back at a short that premiered there in 2013. Play House was written and directed by NYC filmmaker, Brandon LaGanke, better known for his work on music videos and commercials. Not a bad little film but some unfortunately… Continue reading Attention Span: Play House


Review: Her Story

I first came across Her Story while covering Indieflix's Indie Madness in March 2014. Of the 16 films I reviewed that month, this is the one that has stuck with me. Her Story is one of the most powerfully moving films I have ever seen, it left me nearly speechless. Its power begins in the profound connection between… Continue reading Review: Her Story


Attention Span: Mother Loonatik and Drinks serve up a tidbit of tense foreboding. What appears at first to be terribly predictable is anything but. It offers a delightful dark finish that is anything but sweet. A thoroughly enjoyable treat for twisted minds. Watch more from Loonatik and Drinks on youtube and vimeo, or follow them on twitter.… Continue reading Attention Span: Mother