Love is Love: 7 LGBTQ Shorts for Pride 2016

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling in favor of Marriage Equality. To commemorate this important step in the journey toward equality for all, we bring you seven films (one for every color of the rainbow) about LGBTQ life.

The Blue Dress

Directed by: Lewis Martin
Starring: Loles León & Javier Lerma.

When a morose supermarket cashier is inspired to go on a quest for a blue dress, we soon realize that more than the wardrobe doesn’t fit.

This is the trailer. Click here for the full short.

Tech Support

Directed by: Erik Gernand
Starring: Jenny Hagel and Nikki Lindgren
Written and Produced by: Erik Gernand and Jenny Hagel

A young woman recently dumped by her girlfriend gets extra special attention when her tech support call is answered by a lonely romantic in this sexy comedic short.


Written and directed by: Zachary Halley
Starring: Anthony Rapp, Pasha Pellosie and Claire Coffee

A musical about two men looking for love in all the wrong faces.

This is the trailer. Click here for the full short.

Someone Else

Written and directed by: Chelsea Catalanotto

A day in the life of keeping one’s true identity hidden.

Pink Moon

Written and directed by: Sal Bardo
Starring: Brandon Tyler Harris

In a society where heterosexuals are persecuted and abortion is forbidden, two teens are forced to hide an unplanned pregnancy before their secret romance is exposed.

This is the trailer. Click here for the full short.

A Kiss From Your Lips

Written and directed by: Allison Tate

A young woman searches for her perfect dance partner.

Something Real

Written and directed by: Guy Shalem

A young man decides to leave his lover, and must now wade through a sea of lost souls in search of something real.

Narrowing this list down to seven was quite a challenge. There are so many wonderful LGBTQ films out there. These are just a few of our favorites.

Tell us about yours in the comments below, or on social media, and we’ll consider them for a future list or review.

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