Music Monday: Glass Hamlet – Not Your Space

Today, we’re testing out an idea for a brand new recurring feature with a video I have grown quite fond of.

Between last fall and this summer, I helped to coordinate a collaborative animated video for a track from rapper, Glass Hamlet’s 2017 EP, #NOTYOURART.

Our animation team ultimately included 28 artists from 13 countries on every inhabitable continent. Each animator was given a brief section to rotoscope in his or her own style and color palette of choice.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped to make this video possible. It’s not every day one gets a chance to be a part of something this special.

(Or on YouTube)

Full credits, including portfolio links for every single one of these talented artists, are listed below.

Art Direction & Production Design by Renee Moody
Produced by Renee Moody
Written and Directed by Glass Hamlet
Instrumental Production by Austin Fig
Sound Engineering by Ilya Sonet

Animators, in the order their work appears:

Brennan Downhill (Canada)
Roxana De la Rosa (México)
Meryem Yavuz (Turkey)
Simone Schlosz (South Africa)
Steve Sues (USA)
Zac Morris (USA)
Celia Kaye (USA)
Michael Johnson (USA)
Marco Diaz De Leon (Canada)
Adam Krug (USA)
McKinley Allen (USA)
Jordin Poeschl (USA)
Mikaela Butcher (Australia)
Kimberley Boudville (Malaysia)
Jessica Laudicina (USA)
Gaia Marcaccini (USA)
Meritxell Safont Cervera (Spain)
Gheanielle Kyle Gordula (UK)
Antonis Smirniotis “smado” (Greece)
Dana Abachi (United Arab Emirates)
Natalia Barragán Nieto (Columbia)
Shannon Overton (USA)
Mireya Giménez (Spain)
Weronika Trzcińska (Poland)
Alice Louise Rollinson (UK)
Kaylene Blackburn (USA)
Fiona Schneider (USA)

Like the idea of Music Monday becoming a semi-regular feature? Leave a comment or contact us via social media or email. Send us your links and we’ll make it happen!

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